This website began when I had an STD and my boyfriend did not. Specifically, I have HSV-2 (Genital Herpes) and my boyfriend did not. This was at times so totally normal to me, and at other times, so painfully difficult. The inspiration for sharing my experiences came from a lengthy search on Google for couples that were in our position and our age range (mid-20s) and how they navigated that journey from the beginning. I began this blog in an effort to document our experience and attempt to shed some light on the ongoing process of being in a relationship where one partner is infected and the other is not. We went through many ups and downs with communicating, keeping each other safe, and attempting to go through the stages ‘normal’ couples go through without too much added pressure from this.

In the end, although we broke up, I continued forward with the blog hoping I may be able to grow a discussion with other people living with herpes. This blog moves forward with the same intentions of sharing peoples experiences living with herpes, as well as my own, and opening up a greater conversation to an unnecessarily stigmatized disease.


I can be reached via email for any questions or feedback at:  evelynnriley(at)gmail(dot)com