Checking in to provide a reminder that I can be reached with any questions or concerns via email at evelynnriley(at)gmail(dot)com. I’m always open to having conversations and discussions not only with other people that currently have herpes, but also with people that do not have it. I think if more people that don’t have herpes have their curiosities or questions answered from people that do have herpes we could all avoid a lot of the drama and stigma that surrounds herpes.

In addition to being open to answer questions to the best of my abilities I’m still interested in publishing other peoples experiences or stories of life with herpes. We all have one thing in common but we also all have unique ways in which herpes has affected or changed our lives. Previous guest posts can be seen here and here. Our understanding of herpes can deepen with a greater exposure to other people around us living with it. I can only provide one perspective of life with herpes and that is my individual experience with it. I’m aware many other people have just as much to offer in telling their stories so please reach out to me if you’d like to join the discussion. As always I thank everyone that has swung by and found some value in what’s been written and especially to those that have reached out through comments or emails. Cheers!