I took a long hiatus from being present on this site and for most of that time I felt like the posts I had previously written helped some people, but didn’t really reach as many as I had hoped. I’ve been receiving emails still from readers and have been very grateful for every person that took the time to reach out to me. I’m still catching up on my email, so if you haven’t received a response just yet it is coming very soon! I hope in this new year I’m able to open up more conversations about living with herpes in all aspects of life. I’ve had varying responses from people young and old, single and in commitments, and the diversity has always been the most appealing part of having this site. Many of us have such similar experiences, yet such different backgrounds. Some of us have very similar backgrounds yet different experiences. Living with herpes has been a rollercoaster of a ride for me these past six years (whew, I’ve already had it that long!), and I’m still on a journey to complete acceptance and love for myself in this new kind of life herpes created. The beauty of the experience of having herpes comes through the connections I’ve been able to make with people from all walks of life and how deeply meaningful the conversations with strangers can become when I’ve felt all alone at times. I know not everyone is interested in opening a dialogue and that some come here just to browse posts that may help them with specific questions they have in their minds. Other people have reached out to converse about their own experiences and receive advice. I’ve learned a great deal simply hearing all of the different stories people have shared with me and at times think all of the advice in the world I could give could never compare to how helpful it is to simply discuss our fears, struggles and lessons along the way. I truly want to thank anyone that has come by to look through what I’ve shared, or to communicate with me and others, and especially those in the past that have decided to publicly share their stories to help other people see the many ways herpes affects our lives. (You can find posts from guest authors at the top menu if interested).


I intend to really shape up this site in the hopes that it continues to provide some real life experiences of people living with herpes. Hopefully other people may want to continue to share their stories as well. Being in my mid-twenties, I can only share one kind of experience and I’m aware my situation doesn’t always accurately reflect what others are going through. I’m also going to bring about a brief update on where I’ve been these past few months in coming posts. I’ll get back into discussing the ups and downs of being single and dating with herpes, because I’ve had quite a few interesting situations occur since I’ve last been here. I will give a small glimpse into what has been happening though: dating has gotten no easier. But, it has also not gotten any harder. That must count for something.


I hope this little experiment with sharing my life with herpes continues to move forward and bring more conversations to the surface. When I was diagnosed, I was lost and had no relatable source for advice. I’d like to get back on track with providing that. Cheers to a new year and a new start at opening up!