I haven’t touched on my current relationship yet, which is the real reason I even began this blog in the first place. This week I’ll get more into how we even got into a relationship and start getting into what we go through as a couple when only one of us has an STD.

It’s been daunting most of the time and extremely difficult to work through, especially being a new couple. I’m a chronic over thinker and he’s insanely laid back, which only irks me even more when I’m spiraling out of control mentally and I see him lounging around seemingly without a care in the world. I don’t understand how he can consistently remain calm and he probably doesn’t understand why I get so worked up about mundane things. We definitely process things differently.

Early on in dating he sent me an email with the photo I’ll have posted below, at a time that I was having difficulty understanding why he would want to date me and not someone disease-less and ‘normal’. I never thought he comprehended that I was staying bottled up and not opening up to him because I was scared. But when he sent me this I realized regardless of how laid back he is he’s still insightful and caught on to my attempts at sabotaging our relationship before we even got a chance to give it a fair try. And to be honest, I still have fluctuations in my faith that he wants to go through this with me because it really is a complicated and challenging situation that never really has an end for as long as we’re together. I come back to this photo and quote sometimes when I’m feeling frustrated and doubtful.