Countless times I’ve scoured the Web for an answer to a ridiculously specific question I had, and couldn’t find a straight answer. Other times, I had no idea what my question really was, but I knew I needed more information on a certain aspect of dating with an STD. If anyone has any questions they’re comfortable leaving in the comments below, I’ll happily attempt to answer them or devote a post explaining my experiences with the question! To be clear, I deal more with the emotional, relationship aspect of herpes; I am educated on the disease but I am NOT a professional, a doctor, etc., so anything relating to medical information may be best left to the professionals.

I have much more experience with dating than I do with long-term relationships. So, I am open to further covering that in addition to my current relationship.

I can also be reached privately via email at:       evelynnriley(at)gmail(dot)com

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***I am NOT interested in any judgmental or negative and harmful comments pertaining to those that either live with herpes, have a partner with herpes, or simply want to better understand what it’s like for other people who are in these situations. This is a safe environment, and any harassment will be taken very seriously and handled immediately.